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AcouS PROPA modules

AcouS PROPA® acoustic software is articulated in different modules. All software features are thus related to each other. It is therefore possible to install additional modules at any time.

Détails of the various modules available to you :

Commun core

Basic module for modeling 3D geometry, the creation of noise sources and the definition of calculation parameters.

Transparency walls

Calculated transmission through the walls, from the calculation of the power incident on the walls and their sound reduction index.

Spatial Noise Decay

Calculated spatial sound decay from reference sound sources, comparing measurements and calculations, calculating the slope between 3 and 24 meters.

Noise maps

Calculated noise map in color, in any plane or along a complex topography, with smoothing for a neat appearance.

Room acoustics

Calculations Tr Echogram, C80, D50, EDT, RASTI, STI calculations comparison measures.

Meteorological conditions influence

Calculations taking into account weather conditions in favorable and unfavorable conditions for propagation, by taking into account the state of the atmosphere (wind speed and wind direction, temperature gradient...)