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AcouS STIFF Software FAQ

You will find below answers to some questions you ask and which we hope will give you the information you seek.

What type of wall can be modeled with the software AcouS STIFF® ?

The software can model all types of wall partitions, walls floors, roofs,...


Are the calculation results overall consistent with international standards ?

Yes, the overall values in Rw (C, Ctr), dB(A)/pink, dB(A)/road, and STC are calculated according to national and international standards (ISO 717-1, NFS 31-051, ASTM E413,...)


Does the AcouS STIFF® software also calculate American global indices ?

Yes, the software calculates the global indices such as the U.S.  STC (Sound Transmission Class).


When buying software, does the software comes with an integrated material database ?

Yes, the software comes with a database covering the most common materials and widely used in France and Europe.


Can we create our own software database ?

Yes, just create simple or porous siding in a file from the database, give the name of the component that you want and enter its physical characteristics (density, Young's modulus and factor loss for material type "plate" and resistivity to air flow for porous materials with open pores).


Are the results of calculations available in octave and 1/3 octave ?

Yes, they can be displayed in tables and on graphs. This data is customizable via context menu "Properties" window "Reports" tab "View" and "Results".


Is it possible display templates and global indices Rw and STC ?

Yes, they can be displayed on graphs via context menu "Properties" window "Reports", "View" tab.


Is it possible to import test reports (TR) from a spreadsheet such as Excel... in AcouS STIFF® software ?

Yes, you can import your RE packet or one by one from a spreadsheet (like Excel, Open Office,...); workbook for that use context menu "Paste RE (Import spreadsheet)" the window "Walls Explorer".