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AcouS STING Software FAQ

You will find below answers to some questions you ask and which we hope will give you the information you seek.

List some examples of coatings treated with AcouS STING® software.

In the AcouS STING® there are two types of coatings : flexible coating such as PVC, linoleum, carpet, rubber... and hard floating surface coating such as floating screeds, underfloor heating, tile on mini screed, floating floors... 



Does the AcouS STING® software take the influence of sub-layers into account?

Yes, here are some examples of the tiles under the supports and associated layers that the software takes into account :

Example 1 : solid concrete slab with polyethylene

Example 2 : honeycomb slab with polyurethane

Example 3 : the solid wood floor with the textile fibers

Example 4 : the floor plate with bitumen + fibers