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DIAG.Lexd Software

Derived from the acquired experience of tens of thousands of measurements at the workstation, the DIAG.Lexd® software was designed by the GAMBA Acoustique et Associés company to allow persons in charge of these measures (preventive services, health and safety, occupational health, control body,...) to easily diagnose noise exposure and to publish analyses which conform to the norms.

The DIAG.Lexd® software responds to every point in these developments. 


Areas of application of the software :


  • manage noise measurements by structured and guided data entry of the various parameters,
  • determine in conformity with the standard NF EN ISO 9612 the noise exposure of personnel using statistical treatment, (average, standard deviation, intervals of confidence, etc...)
  • de realize a ranking of personnel vis-à-vis regulatory thresholds,
  • manage preventive risks associated with daily exposure of workers.


Advantages :

DIAG.Lexd® : publication of problem prevention oriented results and exclusives

  • GEH sheet (Homogeneous exposure groups)
  • Detailed per person
  • EPI Bank
  • a set of assistance and recommendations
  • Summary of information sheet


This software facilitates the analysis, in compliance with EN ISO 9612, of measurements of noise exposure for workers by offering the following advantages :

  • simple and guided entry interface, tailored to both internal prevention services, services between companies, regulatory agencies,

  • optimizing the number of measurements and thus time and cost of investigation by consolidating staff into Homogeneous Exposure to Noise Groups to Noise (Noise GEH),

  • automatically checking the validity of measurement,

  • diagnosis of noise exposure with the possibility of identifying the most damaging activity,

  • updating with automatic calculation of results,

  • publication of results in the form of overall ranking of personnel, detailed sheet per person, detailed sheet per Noise GEH.

This software is aimed at both experimented specialists and at people with no particular expertise in acoustics or statistical analysis.