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Research and Development


Organization for Research and Development, our internal resources and our multiple collaboration programs with academic institutions and industry enable us to pursue a systematic policy of R&D in all fields of applied acoustics :

  • acoustic propagation in confined spaces and open areas,
  • acoustic behavior of materials and transmission through a wall,
  • effect of noise on humans and sound environmental management


Applied research :

The list of the main public and private research contracts carried out by the GAMBA Acoustique et Associés group since its inception, shows its ability to work in all the fields of applied acoustics.

Contract with the Ministry of Environment (Department Research 
Studies and Information Processing on the Environment)  
Propagation within the premises 

Development of a predictive model based on the assumption of diffuse reflection at the wall (SRETIE contract n°85 248) in collaboration with the University Paul Sabatier.


Noise at work

Development of a method of intelligibilty tests in situ (SRETIE contract n° 85 333) co-contracting with the University of Toulouse le Mirail.


Transmission through walls

Radiation type of ribbed metal cladding structures (SRETIE contract n°88 065) co-contract with ONERA - CERT.

ACOU-BAIE : creating a design model for optimizing acoustic woodwork (convention n°02.04.079) in collaboration with CTBA and InterAc.

Developing a method for evaluating the sound insulation of a building in relation to outside noise (convention n°95-04-144) in collaboration with EUPHONIA.


Economic evaluation of the fight against noise

The investment in "Noise control" is it profitable for a manufacturer ? (SRETIE contract n°88 068) in collaboration with INSERM, with CEPN and the firm CHRISTOL.


Neighbourhood noise

Developing a method for evaluating the discomfort of living with adjoining buildings open to the public (SRETIE contract n°87 462) with the collaboration of the LASA office.

Sound environment of noisy equipment. First step towards a support system for programming and design (SRETIE contract n°90 242) with the collaboration of the firm SUNER.

Contracts with ADEME 
Sound environment of wind farms

The study of noise emissions from existing wind farms (convention n°03-05-C-0129).

The study of the technical elements specific to the characterization and refulation of noise emissions from wind farms (convention n°01-05-131) in collaboration with the engineering firm ABIES.

Contracts with industry
Speech intelligibility in noise 

The influence of physical and physiological parameters (EDF/DER contract) in co-contracting with the University of Toulouse le Mirail.


Acoustic behavior materials



Noise equipment Contrats with EQUILAB (G.A)
Contracts with the ANACT
Noise at work Development of a method for measuring noise exposure of workers (Convention) in collaboration with Aluminium Pechiney.
Contracts with the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport, Housing, 
Tourism and the Sea (Directorate General of Urban Planning, Housing and Construction)
  Study on thermal insulation and acoustic enclosures and the compatibility of acoustic and thermal stresses in the construction processes of cellular concrete.