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Welcome to the website dedicated to acoustic software


Software for predicting the sound reduction index  (according to ISO 717-1, NFS 31-051, ASTM-E413)



Software modeling acoustic propagation in premises and outside



Software for predicting noise impact (according to ISO 712-2)




Software for the prevention of risks related to exposure to noise (according to EN ISO 9612)


Since the 80's, GAMBA Acoustique has been engaged in research and development applied to all areas of acoustics, such as sound propagation in enclosed spaces and open environment, the acoustic behavior of materials and the transmission through the walls or the effects of noise on man and sound environmental management.

The results of this applied research and our experience in acoustic engineering have enabled us to develop and validate 4 families of reliable and efficient software for forecasting and analyzing sound, available in French and English.

This software is intented for all actors and stakeholders such as engineers, design offices, acousticians, architects... who are affected by problems related to acoustics in the fields of industry, construction or the environment.