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AcouS STING Software


Noise impact prediction software

Presentation of AcouS STING® software (Acoustic Software Structural Transmission Impact Noise Grading)

AcouS STING® is the software follom-up of AcouS STIFF®. This allows for a long time to assess the sound reduction index of single and complex walls and has naturally been used to calculate the sound reduction index of complex floors. Regarding the latter, the noise level of shock is the second criterion to assess the acoustic performance of a floor.

Areas of appliocation AcouS STING® software

AcouS STING® software is a simple and adaptable tool that allows you to :

  • Determine the level of impact noise of a simple and complex floor,
  • Assist in new product development,
  • Optimize laboratory measurements campaigns,
  • Appreciate the performance of a floor covering,
  • Extrapolate the performance of conventional structures,
  • Forecast unconventional structures and their optimization,
  • Understand the acoustic behavior of a floor.

The results are presented as graphs and/or tables showing the overall values in accordance with ISO 717-2.

Today AcouS STING® allows you to assess the level of impact noise floor complexes and by extension improve the noise impact of coatings or false ceilings associated with these floor complexes.

The level of noise impact of a floor can be measured in a laboratory specially designed for this purpose (cutting of cell transmission and reception, shapes and sizes of cells...).

However, this criterion depends on a very large number of parameters : thickness, density, stiffness of the constituent materials,...

Under these conditions, the number of walls to be tested is infinite and a uniquely experimental approach, in terms of the time and cost it represents, is not sufficient.

Predicting appears to be an essential complementary approach.

Both approaches, laboratory measurement and predicting, far from being opposed, are in fact complementary and necessary to each other. The experimental approach cannot be considered the only way to go, given the number of cases to be tested. The validation of simulation models should be done using a comparison with experimental values on properly chosen individual cases.

The is a simulation tool the level and improvement of impact noise.

The types of walls which can be calculated by AcouS STING® software

AcouS STIFF® software can perform calculations and projected levels of improvement in impact noise :

  • Heavy homogeneous floors,
  • Floating screeds,
  • Tiles on under layers,
  • Flexible flooring,
  • Suspended ceilings.