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Compliance with EN ISO 9612

In July 19, 2006 the Decree 2006-892 placed new safety and health requirements for the protection of workers from prolonged exposure to noise. This Decree which amends French Labor Law sets new limits for exposure levels and new levels for triggering action. This Decree in the transposition into French law of Directive 2003/10/EC of the European Parliament of February 6, 2003.

This Decree specifies that hearing protection must be taken into account in calculating the exposure. In addition since May 29, 2009, the EN ISO 9612 demands the evaluation of medium-term risk for an analysis on homogeneous exposure groups taking into account the uncertainties in calculating exposure.


The noise exposure of operators who we can presume are at risk is evaluated from :

  • level of daily noise exposure (Lex, 8h)
  • sound pressure peak (CPA)

The regulatory assessment of exposure levels should be conducted following the standard NF EN ISO 9612 : "Method for measuring levels of noise exposure in the workplace".